[Thief Simulator VR] End of Early Access/release date

– players got an additional neighborhood

– changeable weather appeared

– players got the opportunity to buy a house and decorate it

– we added the “junkyard” location

– we added a new vehicle – VAN

– we have enabled a sitting game mode

Thief Simulator VR release date

Gamers will soon be able to start the game in the full version of Thief Simulator VR. The official release date of the game is set for November 5, 2020. Along with the announcement of the title’s release date, we present a new trailer showing, among others, locations or stuff added since launch in the form of Early Access.



New tutorial introduces even inexperienced VR players to the world of Thief Simulator VR. We offer players a wide range of game configuration options so that everyone feels comfortable during the game.

New story missions

Thief Simulator VR players get a complete story. Thief Simulator VR also allows you to have fun in the sandbox. Nothing stands in your way!

New locations

In the final version of Thief Simulator VR, players can move around three large neighborhoods just waiting for the cunning thief. We also provide players with two hideouts, a pawnshop and a junkyard. The tutorial also allows you to have fun on the racetrack.

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