Press Release: SkyLights partners with mk2 to bring VR films to aircraft

Today, immersive Inflight Entertainment (IFE) provider SkyLights, and international film exhibitor and distributor mk2, announce a partnership to bring award-winning VR films to passengers on long-haul flights.

As well as pooling their respective expertise, the two innovative companies have signed the most significant agreement to date for worldwide rights to exhibit VR content inflight. The news comes in light of the rapid increase in high quality VR releases that are well suited to enjoy on board a plane. With the addition of mk2’s VR catalog to its Cinematic VR devices, SkyLights aims to offer airlines greater differentiation and the opportunity to connect with their premium customers on a deeper level.

With 42 years of experience as a film exhibitor and distributor, mk2 branched out into VR film distribution last year following the success of its permanent VR venue. Today, it offers a diverse portfolio of VR titles, which have garnered awards from film festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca and Venice. Through the partnership, mk2 will benefit from an innovative new channel to distribute their VR portfolio and will also develop its expertise into the VR IFE market.

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