Klibanos℠ Media Services Launches Augmented Reality Services for Event, Promotion, and Play

Klibanos℠ Media Services, an award-winning creative production and marketing tech firm based out of Nashville, Indiana, has launched comprehensive augmented reality (AR) services for multiple applications.

Klibanos offers custom built AR experiences for brand models and animations, event demonstrations, branded social media frames, product visualizations, education and training material, and architectural needs.

“Event, promotion, and play: let audiences engage your brand in a unique and sharable way,” Klibanos stated, as they seek to re-imagine clients’ existing marketing collateral in 3D space, or create innovative AR experiences that increase brand engagement.

AR products are iOS and Android compatible, socially sharable, and can be accessed publicly online. Klibanos is able to develop, deploy, and refine AR campaigns for emerging to established brands, and strives to unite clients’ goals with their audiences’ imagination.

“AR is such a rich and immersive space. It has been, and will continue to be, a special medium for brands to engage audiences within,” said Robert Barzilauskas, Founder and Producer at Klibanos. “I want to make augmented reality accessible to brands at any level, with the same quality and innovation that clients enjoy with Klibanos in other channels.”

Klibanos offers web and app development and hosting, full service video production, print and digital design, social media design and management, email design and campaign management, 3D development, and more today.

“Let’s create beautiful experiences together,” is both the Klibanos mantra and invitation to clients to engage in vigorous collaboration on each and every project, resulting in products that deliver and take brands to where they want to go.

For more information regarding the AR services, visit: https://klibanos.com/arservices[1].

To visit the Klibanos website home page, visit: https://klibanos.com/[2].

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