Here’s everything Oculus just announced

Facebook seems further than ever from beaming us into Ready Player One, Ernest Cline’s dorky VR fever dream. But Oculus, the social network’s virtual reality side project, is still going at it.

On stage during its annual developer event, Oculus leaders announced a handful of updates today that seem to inch their vision for VR forward—forward, and (whether you like it or not) a bit closer toward Facebook.

Here’s a rundown of everything announced so far at Facebook and Oculus’s two-day developer event, Oculus Connect.

Facebook Horizon: “A new social VR world.”

In a splashy press release[1], Facebook called Horizon “the first step into an ever-expanding world of connection and exploration where anything becomes possible.” Uh, okay! Imagine it: Legless avatars floating this way and that, super cartoony airplanes, a painting party without the booze, lasers, space! Check it out:

Horizon will replace Facebook’s earlier social VR efforts—Spaces and Oculus Rooms. It’s coming out sometime in the year 2020, though Facebook didn’t say exactly when.

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