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The Buyer Group is ready to put to take your news and content to the next dimension.

Lisa Buyer is the founder of The Buyer Group, and is an industry thought leader in the area of PR. With more than 75 conferences, webinars and workshops under her belt, Lisa can be found teaching, speaking, and writing for various search and social marketing media outlets across the United States.

As a frequent speaker, Lisa has keynoted conferences and shared panels with representatives from Google, Microsoft, and Digg as well as search and social thought leaders such as Brett Tabke, Marty Weintraub, Greg Jarboe, Cindy Krum, Michael Martin and Sarah Evans. Lisa is an adjunct professor at the University of Florida and has been on the faculty of  @ClickZ, an instructor for the University of San Francisco’s online Advanced Social Media certificate program and for  Online Marketing Institute (OMI.)[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

AR/VR PR: The Buyer Group Skill Set

Ready to make your news immersive? Here’s just a few things we can do for you:]

  • AR/VR PR Training, Speaking and Moderating for agencies and brands.[10]
  • AR/VR PR creative strategy and development
  • AR/VR  PR consulting and project management
  • AR/VR  PR newsrooms.
  • Immersive media types
  • AR VR PR optimization
  • AR content creation and consulting

What can you do right now?

  1. Start small. No need to break the bank with an expensive experiment.
  2. Have realistic expectations.
  3. Match the your AR/VR strategy to a business goal.
  4. Measure and benchmark.
  5. Educate first. A great book to read Marketing New Realities by Cathy Hackl and Samantha Wolfe. Get a head start on gives you the tools you’ll need to understand, create, and manage successful AR and VR campaigns now and for years to come.[11]

To find out more about The Buyer Group’s services, please contact us today at  407.964.1383.[12]


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