All About Mobile PR

Today’s successful public relations programs are humanized, empathized and magnetic, telling your story is now lifelike and i realtime. In this market, content is served up via apps through headsets, glasses, and mobile such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So understanding, how people use VR and behave in the environment they have chosen, gives us cues in how to allure them into the experience.

AR/VR PR: An Immersive Strategy

Today being a PR professional isn’t about winning fancy awards, it’s about telling a story through immersive storytelling.

And it’s not just how your audience is seeing your news, it’s how well they empathize with your story, and how you are delivering it.  VR headset users cannot multitask like we do with our mobile phone – so if you can get your audience engaged and they interact with your story – you will have their undivided attention.

AR/VR PR: Augmenting PR Realities

Experimenting with different types of realities is an enchanting way to tell the story and it’s a way to make your audience feel like they are there with you. The trick is making sure your content media is in the right place, at the right time ready to be found by the people who matter — your audience, influencers and VR journalists who will share, talk, discuss, and give your story wings in a virtual heaven.

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